Syntha 6 Review


In search of a protein powder to help you build muscles? Try Syntha 6. It’s a delicious product with overflowing benefits! Check out this review.

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Dead Lifts and Back Jumps


Check out this video performing a power and strength training session. These routines may look tricky but with hard work, you’ll be able to do them well.

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Protein Packed, Low Sugar Treats


Check out these simple and tasty recipes that are high in protein and low in sugar to help keep you feeling full while not gaining a pound!

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How to Eat to Lose Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Tone


What you eat will help you in your weight loss journey. Here’s a peak of my daily ritual to help you get an idea of what to eat to lose fat and gain muscle.

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30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 27


Burning belly fat is not just about exercising. It’s also about what you put into your mouth. Here are 3 belly fat blasting breakfast foods you should try.

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30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 25


Want to lose more fat fast? Do Tabata! Check out this easy Tabata exercise video you can do in 12 minutes to help you shed off those unwanted pounds.

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30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 23


Holy cow! Here is a healthy, protein packed snack recipe you have to try out that will fill up your tummy while helping you lose weight at the same time.

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30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 22


Get this high protein, low fat breakfast recipes that are so easy to whip up and boost your metabolism so you burn fat fast throughout the day.

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30 Day Fat Loss Challenge: Day 21


Check out this workout video to help you sculpt and tone your butt to get that sexy behind!

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