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Ephedra: A Dangerous Way to Lose Weight

Ephedra: A Dangerous Way to Lose Weight

Ephedra is a stimulant that occurs naturally in a number of plants (most known as synica).

After the discovery of ephedra, scientist altered the molecule creating Ephedrine Pseudoephedrine.

Ever since then, people have been using ephedra to lose weight because of it’s ability to release fat from fat cells, stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and boost your metabolic rate.

However, that also means resulting in an increased heart rate and the possibility of heart attack. Ephedra is a stimulant, so you may notice other side effects that include difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, headaches, and higher blood pressure.

While many weight loss supplements health to increase metabolism, it’s worth remembering that 17% of people who experience side effects are cases related to ephedra, especially products such as Hellfire 150.

I personally know people who have used ephedra diet pills and ended up losing their lives because of it; sudden death heart attack was the cause.

What I Do Recommend

For weight loss patients, I recommend a combination of garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, and a little something called Yacon Syrup. These three when used together have done wonders for people.

Not only that, but they’re not stimulants, and will put your life at risk like taking ephedra would.

Let’s Hear From You

So what is your opinion? Even though ephedra works so well, do you think the benefits are worth the risk? Or have you taken ephedra personally and want to share your experience?

I would love to hear what you have to say, so go ahead and leave a comment below!

The Best Carbs to Eat for Bodybuilding

The Best Carbs to Eat for Bodybuilding

It’s no secret that the be successful in bodybuilding you have to have a large amount of protein. However, most people don’t realize that carbohydrates play a HUGE role in gaining mass, strength, and size.

Carbs are considered “protein sparing” molecules which basically means that their use by the body for energy. If we didn’t have enough glycogen (a.k.a. carbs), our body is forced to use protein as an energy source. When that happens, our muscle gains are minimized.

The way to fix that is to get plenty of carbohydrates on top of your protein each and every day. So how exactly do you do that?

Here are a couple ways to get some extra carbohydrates in your diet…

Oatmeal in Your Protein Shake

25544c15d0e6b324cb931ee29ffbbb61-610x300If you are already taking a protein shake on a daily basis (which you should), an easy way to get extra carbohydrates each day is to add one cup of rolled oats into your shakes each day.

There is nothing more anabolic than a huge quantity of carbohydrates mixed with your whey protein powder. This will help replenish glycogen levels, help the recovery of your tired muscles, and fill your bloodstream with whey protein.

The taste is not bad at all, but the benefits are enormous.


Fruit is a very good source of carbohydrates. If you are overweight, I would recommend vegetables first, otherwise fruit is your best bet.

You can have fruit before you hit the gym, in the morning when you first wake up, or even in your protein shake. You can have fruit pretty much any time you want.

Ignition by 1st Phorm

Ignition by 1st Phorm is a carbohydrate powder that is meant to be added to your protein shakes after your workout. It is one of the only carbohydrate sources that is immediately absorbed by the bloodstream to help with maximal recovery.

This is probably my favorite option. You will notice huge strength and size increases simply by adding Ignition to your daily diet.

1st Phorm: A Growing Giant in Bodybuilding Supplements

1st Phorm: A Growing Giant in Bodybuilding Supplements

The supplement industry is huge, especially in bodybuilding. Every day a new company surfaces, promises that their products are better than all the rest. However, there’s one company that’s standing above all the others; a company growing so fast, that even though they’re new you probably already heard of them.

Their name is 1st Phorm, started by two men named AJ and Andy Frisella. Their products are excellent, and their reputation is growing strong.

So what makes them so different? Read below to find out!

Their Products

1st Phorm has a wide variety of products from whey protein they call Phormula-1 to a pre-workout they call Megawatt HD (that you can read reviews for here). Their flavors range from Fruit Loop to Knuckle Sandwich, and from trying a few of them I can honestly say that they are actually pretty excellent.

To learn more about their products you can visit their website or read up on some of these 1st Phorm reviews that I found to be really helpful.

The Sponsored Athlete Competition

1st Phorm is everywhere: on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook. You might have seen hashtags like #nextlevelshit and #iam1stphorm on videos and pictures everywhere from people attempting to become their next sponsored athlete and earn a hefty 10 g’s.

It’s pretty clever marketing we agree. But more importantly, it has worked in growing 1st Phorm into the supplement company it is today…and may possibly launch it into becoming a household name very soon.

If you haven’t yet heard of 1st Phorm, you might want to take a look. We love their products, and it’s about time a supplement company not only builds their brand on quality but integrity.

Is Phormula-1 by 1st Phorm the #1 Protein Powder?

Is Phormula-1 by 1st Phorm the #1 Protein Powder?

I’ve made use of lots of protein powders in my life, however never ever have I used an item like Phormula-1. There’s 1000’s of them out there … What makes it a lot better than all the others? Read my testimonial below!

The Taste: This is one or the best features of Phormula-1 in my sincere viewpoint. I’m sure you’ve been with it previously, struggling to keeping your protein shake down due to the fact that you can not stand taking it. When you have Phormula-1 you’ll in fact anticipate your next protein shake because it’s just that damn good.

The flavors can be found in Juicy Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Cherry Lime, Loop D Fruit, and CTC (cinnamon toast crunch).

The Quality: What makes Phormula-1 the most superior though, is that they only utilize the highest quality pre-digested hydrolyzed proteins, or in english, generally a protein that soaks up very fast making it perfect for post exercise nutrition. If you understand anything about bodybuilding at all, you understand how essential getting protein in your system after you workout is to develop and maximize gains muscle.

The Price: At $49.99 and a total amount of 32 portions the rate is also wonderful. In each scoop you get 26 grams of protein, which is very impressive considering that most of the time you ‘d need 2 to get the very same quantity. Considering that each shake you take should be considered a meal, that breaks down to only $1.50 each; kinda less costly than shopping at the supermarket;).

Efficiency: Phormula-1 is a protein that you can actually feel promptly. It likewise has 5 grams of BCAAs in each serving and ZERO GRAMS OF CARBS, so when you discover how great it is you’ll question exactly what kind of black magic they’re using to make it so scrumptious.

This is a protein that you can use not only first thing in the morning and post exercise, but once you need to use a few times a day to obtain a steady stream of amino acids and protein into your blood stream and feed your starving muscles to become the monster you want to be.

I recommend getting 2-3 Phormula-1 containers on a monthly basis to get the most efficiency you can out of it.

My final testimonial of Phormula-1

Based upon what you’ve checked out, you can pretty much know that I like the stuff and will not be returning to other protein. I can’t get enough of the flavors, and given that I’ve utilized it I put on over 5 lbs this month; the majority of it muscle gain.

Check out their website at 1st Phorm and get yourself some Phormula-1. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

A Quick Guide to Prohormone Supplements

A Quick Guide to Prohormone Supplements

So what are prohormones anyway? If you’re new to Ultimate Athletic Fitness, and just hearing about prohormones for the first time, they’re basically steroids. Most of these are hormonal products that increase test levels, convert into anabolic compounds in the body, and can add muscle mass and give you amazing results in the gym very quickly.

If you want to enhance your performance, whether it’s in the gym or on the court, prohormones can help you become the best. But just a quick warning: many professional sports leagues test for prohormones and can be cause for disqualification. Be careful.

How to Take Prohormones

If you’re just starting off, I highly suggest you do plenty of research before you ever take a prohormone. Prohormones are not for beginners, and having a proper post cycle therapy and on cycle support ready before you ever start your cycle is extremely important (see: A Beginners Guide to Prohormones)

Most prohormones are taken in cycles of 4-8 weeks, depending on the strength and potency of the compound you’re using. For example, if you’re using a prohormone like Halodrol, you can take it for extended periods of time because of little to no side effects.

However, a stronger prohormone like Superdrol is very toxic to the liver and should never exceed 4 weeks. First think about the kind of results you would like to achieve…do you want to reduce body fat and become as strong as an ox? Or do you want to pack on pounds of muscle and look as vascular as the incredible hulk?

Your goals will depend on what prohormone you take, and for how long. Also, many people use prohormone stacks to increase the results they get on cycle. That is, use multiple compounds at the same time, so that you can achieve results like building muscle and losing body fat at the same time.

Some prohormones stack better than others, and typically the milder, non methylated prohormones are the most ideal for this.

Where to Buy Prohormones

There are many places you can buy prohormones at online. They’re pretty much everywhere, including Amazon. Some of the top prohormones are sold at places like A1Supplements, Ironmaglabs, and Blackstone Labs.

These places are constantly selling some of the strongest prohormones on the market, and even got amazing prohormone sales that offer free shipping and up to 10-15% off some of their best selling products from time to time.

Just remember, though, that most of these products are barely legal and really don’t stay on the market for longer than a few years. If you’re interested in trying any of these compounds yourself, I recommend you either start a cycle as soon as you can, or buy a few bottles that you can set aside for sometime in the future if they’re ever discontinued.

Side Effects of Prohormones

Prohormones come with many side effects since they work by effecting the body’s hormonal levels. A proper PCT should always include an estrogen blocker or aromatase inhibitor, which basically means that it will block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

If you’re not careful, side effects like gynecomastia, water weight gain, bloating, and at the worst case, liver failure can occur if you don’t know what you’re doing. That is why I always recommend people use a liver protector like TUDCA, as well as pharmaceutical grade estrogen blockers like Letrozole or Nolvadex.

Prohormones I Recommend

There are literally 1,000’s of prohormones out there on the market. A lot of it is hype, but there are a handful or prohormones that are very effective, and have been around for years.

The very best prohormones right now are:

  • M1t
  • Finaflex 1-andro
  • Trenavar
  • Helladrol
  • Dymethazine
  • Anabeta Elite
  • Halo Elite

You can find out more about these prohormones at This site is a gold mine for prohormone information that reviews just about every prohormone on the market, and even has free guides on post cycle therapy and on running a successful cycle.

If you’re seriously considering a cycle of prohormones for yourself, I highly recommend you check them out.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to answer them all for you.

-The Team at Ultimate Athletic Fitness

D Aspartic Acid and it’s Effect on Testosterone

D Aspartic Acid and it’s Effect on Testosterone

DAA is just another term for D-Aspartic acid discovered by French pharmacist Plisson. D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is a non-essential amino acid, considering that it’s one of the essential building blocks of protein and discovered normally within our muscle cells. D-aspartic acid is among 2 kinds of the amino acid aspartic acid. The L kind of this aspartic acid is simply another among our amino acids.

D-Aspartic Acid can be called a testosterone enhancer for guys with lower levels, and also by athletes as a short-term performance booster. Elevated testosterone levels just last a week to a week and a half in healthy men, with testosterone returning to typical levels not long later. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and serve many functions in the body throughout childhood development and throughout the adult years.

D-Aspartic Acid works in the central brain area to cause a release of hormones, such as luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and development hormone. It could likewise build up in the testicles, where it decreases a rate-limiting step of Testosterone synthesis, which results in a small testosterone boost. D-Aspartic Acid likewise plays a major duty in metabolic support.

D Aspartic Acid Dosage

The conventional dosage for D-Aspartic Acid is in between 2,000– 3,000 mg and must be taken twice daily, once in the morning and when at night.

Like any test enhancer, it makes sense not to continue taking it for extended time frames. You have to cycle it in order to keep its effectiveness. A great suggestion that comes directly from a big supplier of D-Aspartic Acid supplements is to take it for two weeks, following with one week off.

D Aspartic Acid Side Effects

D-Aspartic Acid supplements likewise do not consist of the specific very same adverse effects as a routine testosterone booster. D-Aspartic Acid supplements in fact assist your body boosting it’s own testosterone production.

Obviously, you must constantly bear in mind to to stay within the recommended dosing array of the supplement you’re taking else you can run the risk of a hormonal imbalance in the long run. It is exceptionally possible to overdose on a testosterone booster so constantly make sure that you are just taking just what is suggested to you base on manufacturer guidelines.

Also check out for more information on testosterone boosters, bodybuilding supplements, and prohormones…

Zyzz – My #1 Fitness Motivation

Zyzz – My #1 Fitness Motivation

Zyzz, aka Az Sergeyevich is a web icon, celeb in Australia, bodybuilder, celebration goer, and all around a sick cunt. Lots of Australians are “mindful” of Zyzz. Zyzz played a significant role in the brand-new trend in bodybuilding of training for the aesthetic look.

He constantly discovered exactly how women looked at big/jacked guys at the club and wanted to be like them. Being influenced from his older bro’s (Chestbrahh) development, Zyzz started and signed up with a regional health club training. After about 2 years, Zyzz had actually obtained a shredded and muscular appearance.

Anyhow, the entire story of Zyzz spread really fast. He has inspired an entire generation and has changed the entire face of bodybuilding ever since.

There are many Aziz Shavershian fan sites dedicated to him, where you can even find Zyzz clothes to show respect to the God of aesthetics.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

A Quick & Easy Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

Throughout cycle of anabolic supplement usage– when hormone levels are enhanced, the body will lower its own manufacturing of hormones to attempt to keep regular levels. When the cycle is over, the body might produce lower-than-normal levels of hormones for a duration of time, and this can lead to muscle loss and other undesirable side results.

Post cycle therapy is the safest and most reliable method to bring back the body’s hormone systems to typical levels while keeping muscle gains and making sure no damage to the endocrine system following the anabolic supplement cycle. After an anabolic supplement cycle, numerous users experience a “post-cycle crash,” a dip in levels of vital hormones– consisting of testosterone– essential to keep the recently produced muscle cells. The lower testosterone levels suggest enhanced estrogen and cortisol leading to protein loss, which threatens to ruin the brand-new muscle cells.

The body can ultimately manage hormones back to regular levels once more, however it might use up to 4 months, throughout which time the brand-new muscle cells will most likely be exhausted.

Failure to take actions to guarantee fast recuperation of the hormone system brings with it a threat of lasting damage to the endocrine system.

There are a variety of varying viewpoints on which post cycle therapy program need to be utilized. Professionals concur that post cycle therapy must be a multi-component program of numerous treatments working together to supply reliable and fast recuperation. Multi-component post cycle therapy programs ought to last about 4 weeks and might consist of selective oestrogen receptor modulators and aromatase inhibitors.

SERMs obstruct the results of estrogen at a cellular level and boost them in other places in the body.

These are the most important of all parts as they support the healthy function of the sex body organs, which can typically lose performance as a side impact of a anabolic supplement cycle. Aromatase inhibitors lower the levels of of estrogen in flow to cause the secretion of even more testosterone.

Understanding which compounds to select from among the 3 classifications can be puzzling. advises the following post cycle therapy method for a 4- to six-week period:.

Weeks 1 and 2: 1,000 worldwide devices of HCG, 25 milligrams of exemestane and 40 milligrams of tamoxifen everyday.

Weeks 2 with 6: 20 milligrams of tamoxifen everyday. 2 classifications of natural post cycle therapy supplement materials can be made use of to bring back natural hormone levels: testosterone increasing and estrogen control.

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid received some research studies to raise natural testosterone levels as much as 42 percent in the right dosages.

Tribulus terrestris is a plant draw out that enhances testosterone levels normally, advertises healthy hormone function and boosts energy.

When taken daily, Research likewise reveal the efficiency of zinc magnesium aspartate in enhancing natural hormone levels by up to 30 percent.

Take a look at Epilogue, the best post cycle therapy to follow up any anabolic cycle.And make sure to speak to a physician prior to starting any supplement or post cycle therapy cycle. Depending upon the length of a steroid cycle, take the comparable pause or– even more conservatively– double the time off.

How to Lose Fat With Kettlebells

How to Lose Fat With Kettlebells

You want to get strong and in shape, however you do not have a great deal of time to work out?

Use Kettlebells!

In simply 20 minuses, these cannonball-shaped weights with a handle on top offer an exercise that delivers more fat-fighting and body-toning advantages than doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of traditional weight lifting, according to current study from the American Council on Exercise. This revved-up toning session features dynamic, multimuscle steps. Unlike typical strength exercises in which you lift and lower weights slowly while keeping the rest of your body still, you swing the kettlebell rhythmically with full-body activities to get your heart rate up quickly and target even more muscles, particularly in your core. The outcome is a speedy routine that triples your calorie burnup to 400 calories in 20 minutes.

Exactly what’s even more, our kettlebell-inspired regular (you can do it with a dumbbell too), produced by individual trainer and Prevention writer Chris Freytag, is developed to produce maximum outcomes with minimal danger of injury. And it delivered: When 2 lots females road-tested it, they lost approximately 11 pounds and 15 inches in simply 3 weeks. Even much better, they enjoyed the workout! “I heard words ‘enjoyable’ made use of more than I ever needed to describe a regular workout,” states Freytag. “Getting in a rhythm with the swings and doing little tosses makes it less dull than simply raising weights and offers you a little bit of that cardio high.”

Plus, it sure beats starving yourself, working out tirelessly each day or taking dangerous drugs like Rimonabant to try to lose weight.

In addition to 3 kettlebell workouts a week, our test panel did 20 minutes of cardio on alternate days, and half of the group likewise followed a healthy eating strategy.

Whether you have 20 or more pounds to lose, are struggling with those last stubborn 5, or wish to firm up, now you can call lead to just 20 minutes a day!

Kettlebell: Anatomy of a Super Slimmer

Unlike a dumbbell, in which the weight is similarly stabilized when you hold it, a kettlebell is asymmetrical. With many grips, your hand is set far from the heaviest part of the kettle bell, so you work harder and trigger even more muscles.

Handle: Most typical spot to hold, so you can swing the bell and pass it from hand to hand.
Horns: Alternate grip, specifically if you’re holding the bell upside down.
Base: The heaviest part of the bell. Gripping it below offers even more stability.



A kettlebell, or you can replace a dumbbell. Our testers used an 8.8-pound (4 kg) kettlebell ($29.95 at and felt that it added to the fun and novelty of the regular. You’ll also need a watch or timer, along with area to swing your arms easily on all sides, consisting of overhead (about 4 square feet).


Do the Kettlebell Workout on nonconsecutive days. Do the Main Moves two times with for 16 minutes complete. Then stretch for 2 minutes. Willing to for ideas.


Do 20 minutes of cardio, such as vigorous walking, lap swimming, dancing, jogging, or bike riding. You should work out at an intensity at which you’re breathing hard but can still talk in other words sentences. Do cardio on the same day as kettlebells for longer workouts or on alternate days for much shorter workouts.


Watch portions and fill on entire grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and healthy fats to make the most of results. Go for 1,600 to 1,800 calories spread evenly throughout the day. For assistance, willing to

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