61 Ways to Be Your Most Excellent Self


Feeling and looking good requires a lot of things. That is to take care of your body, mind and soul. Here are 61 ways to be your most excellent self.

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How to Incorporate A Cheat Meal and Lose Fat Fast


Yes you can enjoy your favorite foods minus the guilt and still burn fat. How? This article will guide you to achieve that with flying colors.

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Kettlebell Circuit Training for Fat Loss


Lose fat and tone your entire body by doing the kettlebell exercise. It’s an amazing workout that will challenge you and keep you going.

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Why Some Women Struggle to Lose Fat


Ever wonder why some women lose weight and fat faster than others? You could be hard wired to gain weight, but you can change that! Find out how here.

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How to Target Belly Fat in Your Workouts


Sick of that stubborn belly fat ladies? Check out this belly fat burning workout and see great results!

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How to Burn Fat Fast and Lose Cellulite


Can’t seem to get that pesky fat and cellulite out of sight? Here are tips that will help you do just that!

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How to Do a Chin Up: Intermediate Guide

Chin ups are one of the best upper body strength exercises and are excellent for promoting fat loss because they tax the muscular system and burn a large amount of […]

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Train With A Purpose for Maximum Fitness Results

What is my purpose in life…ahhh the ultimate philosophical question…well don’t worry, we’re not going there. But, how many things in life do we as humans do “with a purpose?” […]

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