How to Do a Chin Up: Intermediate Guide

Chin ups are one of the best upper body strength exercises and are excellent for promoting fat loss because they tax the muscular system and burn a large amount of […]

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Train With A Purpose for Maximum Fitness Results

What is my purpose in life…ahhh the ultimate philosophical question…well don’t worry, we’re not going there. But, how many things in life do we as humans do “with a purpose?” […]

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Top 7 Tips for A Healthy and Easy Grocery Shopping Experience


In this post I wanted to give everyone a few tips on how to shop when  you are on a healthy nutrition plan (which you should be, all the time!). […]

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12 Non-Sexy Training and Nutrition Tips


Hey everyone! Sometimes I get a little fed up with the things I hear from people, media, TV advertisements…everyone is trying to make the “next best thing”. Look at our […]

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How to Do A Chin Up: An Advanced Guide


If you are looking to lose body fat, build upper body strength, and develop a fit and athletic looking upper body, include chin ups into your fitness training program. In […]

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Hill Sprints for Killer Conditioning, Strength and Fat Loss


If you guys have been reading my blogs, you know how much I DESPISE cardio. I see people wasting so much time doing slow, steady workouts that barely get their […]

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Why Women NEED to Gain Muscle


It’s safe to say that most people have a universal goal when they begin a training regimen. You want to lose fat, right? Despite all the garbage that you read […]

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9 Things You Must Do to Get Lean and Fit


Keep It Simple Stupid The KISS Principle. I had a summer basketball coach in high school that used to say that all the time. He would be irate when one […]

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